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Seasoned Advice

Attend the Live Twitter Chat on Applebee’s SM Crisis Management

Posted on 2/7/2013 by Rebecca Layton Gunter

by JC Gibbs

Our Director of Online Communications hosts a live twitter chat regarding Appelbee‘s highly publicized Social Media Crisis surrounding a disgruntled waitress who griped about a stiffed tip on her Facebook page. 

The issue has inflamed the controversial practice of tipping and the less glamorous conditions of restaurant work to the spotlight.  Chime in your thoughts on Twitter with JC.

As you all know I’m part of the Digital Team for The Social Media Club DC and we will be having an event during the Social Media Week DC *Crisis Management in Social Media*.  It gives me a bittersweet taste because I’m very excited about our event but I’m sad I won’t be able to attend, but the reason I’m not attending is a good one! I’m organizing an opening for over 100 guests and I’m coordinating most of the details.

Appelbees LogoAppelbees SM crisis

Now, getting back to the Twitter Chat. I’ll host/co-host this chat: *Crisis Management Thursday, Discussing Applebee’s Fiasco* from the @SMCDC Twitter Account and it’s interesting for me because of my experience in the food industry, I have seen so many crazy and sad things happen to different waiters/waitresses and not once have I ever seen anyone take such a proactive action, of snapping a photo of someone’s rude comments on a bill or even of a positive feedback, so I wonder after this incident if this will bring about similar situations.

I should write another post on how I feel about the Food Industry wages and benefits in general, but tomorrow’s twitter chat is focused on the actions Applebee’s took after firing Chelsea Welch, their reaction on their Facebook Page with their fans and how they managed this crisis and what we all can learn from it.

I wrote the details of this Twitter Chat on the Social Media Club DC Blog, the link: “Crisis Management Twitter Chat Thursday, Discussing Applebee’s Fiasco

I have an event prior to the twitter chat so I really hope I can be on time, but if not my dear friends@TheJournalizer and @ChezWu will take care of you (and they are awesome!).  Remember to follow the chat on #SMWCrisis


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