Slingshot Seeking David: Well-oiled, savvy and trustworthy foodservice consulting company seeks clients for loving long-term relationship. We’re looking for hard-working, independent businesses and individuals who need assistance from other like-minded folks in the pursuit of following their food dreams with full flavor, bold taste and true grits. Our people are the finest food and beverage professionals who collaborate collectively to craft creative, resourceful solutions and work diligently to gear our partners towards success.

Food Business Consulting & Strategic Planning

Give your small business the confidence to compete in today’s evolving market by enlisting our business development gurus. Harness the insight that traditional consulting firms are unable to furnish. Our network of food-savvy insiders gives you a unique advantage in building a successful project or business.

Training & Industry Education

Leverage our expertise and passion for industry leadership.  Experienced trainers and subject matter experts can enlighten and invigorate your team and provide the ongoing professional training that they need to be at their best.

Evaluation & Quality Assurance

Is your bartender giving away drinks to his friends?  Does the busboy spend more time on his iPhone than at the dishpit?  Do parents get the “stink eye” for bringing a small bag of Cheerios for the wee one?   Wouldn’t you like to know the real dish about what’s happening in your restaurant?

We work closely with clients to implement a variety of surveying strategies that provide substantive information through in-depth reporting.   To overcome hurdles and celebrate successes, operation:eatery evaluates the customer and worker experience and provide no-nonsense, constructive feedback on your products and services.