Topper - Places

Our Places

Home is where the food is. Tickle your fancy with savory and sweet treats from our kitchens or chat it up about food and food-culture in cyberspace, about town, and in some of our favorite haunts.

Our Restaurants

We are restaurant people through and through.  Here is a laundry list of some of the places our team has worked.

  • Tunnicliffs Tavern
  • Restaurant Eve
  • Buck’s Fishing & Camping
  • Comet Ping Pong
  • Black Bar and Kitchen
  • Chef Geoff’s Tyson’s Corner
  • Lia’s
  • Signatures
  • Restaurant Siroc
  • Quench
  • Capitol City Brewing Company
  • Ulah Bistro
  • America Cafe
  • The Stations Grill
  • Pizzeria Uno
  • Mr. Henry’s Capitol Hill
  • Fat Daddy’s
  • Garrison’s Tavern
  • The Jefferson Hotel
  • Cluck U Chicken
  • The Bull and Finch
  • East Coast Pizza Company

Our Cyberspace

By embracing technology, we collaborate on awesome projects outside of our respective kitchens. Join us in cyberspace:

Our Town

DC has got it all! Whether you seek fine dining, ethnic cuisine, food trucks, molecular gastronomy, or just a half smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl, you would be hard-pressed not to find delectables to tickle your palate. Our proximity to the Shenandoah Valley and the Chesapeake Bay gives us easy access to the freshest bounty from land and sea. It is our goal in life to enjoy these gifts and to share them with you.

Our Homes Away From Home

What is it about some of your favorite stomping grounds that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Don’t be surprised if you bump into us at any of these independently-owned destination eat spots: