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We empower employment and advocate for the industry and its workers. And so, we attract the very best in our field. We are a kick-ass team of top-level foodservice experts, service providers and administrators which allows us to entertain an endless combination of products and services.


Chef Rich Gunter

VP Operations and Culinary Services

Rich Gunter is a professional chef with 17-years of experience in commercial kitchen operations.  He is a culinary innovator known for producing food that is creative, high quality and press worthy. … More »

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Torrance E. Anderson

Director of Sales & Service

Torrance E. Anderson is a master of the Theater of Fine Food and Service.  His passion for etiquette, manners, and hospitality makes him a mentor to many in his professional and personal networks.  … More »

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Scott Walters

Director of Bar Services

Scott Walters is a professional bartender with over two decades of experience working in FOH and management positions in a variety of restaurant settings.  His vast product knowledge, specializing in… More »

Danielle Pelosi

Executive Assistant to the President

Danielle Pelosi is an administrative liaison of the highest order.  Not only does she have a deep understanding with how restaurants work, but she is also known for her ability to solve problems and … More »



Christina Romeo

Director of Sales & Contracts

Christina Romeo is a business development specialist with expertise in sales and IT systems.  She has grown successful businesses, from retail to franchise.  Christina comes from a long tradition of… More »