In the Oven

In the Oven

Moderate Panel on Working Conditions for Restaurant Workers

Posted on 12/15/2012 by Rebecca Layton Gunter

When The Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC released the annual  National Diner’s Guide, Eating Ethically, a Guide to Ethical Eating, they seized an opportunity to celebrate some local heroes and spark conversations about the working conditions for restaurant professionals.  Any Shellal of Busboys & Poets and Eatonville, Chef Furad Tate of Inpire BBQ, and Marianne Ali of Ben’s Chili Bowl were all present to receive awards.  (other notables include Think Food Group and Jack Rose Dining Saloon.)  Rebecca Gunter also moderated a panel discussion about the stigma of restaurant work, the growing industry trend favoring paid sick days for tipped employess, as well as the stagnancy of the minimum wage ($2.13/ hr for over twenty years.)


Andy ShellalFurad Tate

Marianne Ali


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