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This is a blog that offers an academic approach to hospitality.  We explore topics like The Business of Restaurants, tools of the trade, terminology, technology,  and many other subjects.   Stay educated, connected, and current; these are the cornerstones of the Art of Service and Fine Dining.

If you see a post branded for The Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC (ROC-DC), these are resources for their Culinary Education Program.  ROC-DC is a nonprofit center for restaurant workers.  They focus on research & policy, continuing education,  career development, advocacy, and grass-roots organizing.  Sorry, these materials are currently password-protected for the ROC-DC members.  Interested?  Join!  They currently serve over 500 members in the DMV.

Learn Bartending Lingo

Learn Bartending Lingo

Bartenders have their own vocabulary to describe the ways in which they construct drinks.  Below are some of the most common terms to know in any restaurant setting. Build:  Fill a glass with ice and pour in the ingredients. Stir: Fill a glass with ice, build, then stir with a straw. In the case of stirring a classic Martini or Manhattan, you are stirring the mixture in a shaker glass of ice with a bar spoon then strained with a … Read more »